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When it comes to the technology, all companies need to run their business with the best. It is hard to make sense of all the technology options and choice without experts. “In order to succeed, there must be chances of affordable technology for all people in all businesses and communities”

Technology Consultancy
Many things are more challenging in today’s post digital business environment. Techopro helps in various domains from Information services, mobile computing, social engagement, cloud computing, Internet applications, to systems development.

Technology procurement
The world is facing increased demands driven by the changing in economic environment and shifts in the way products and services are sold and delivered. These factors create an imperative to consider new and innovative technology solution architectures like, modern networks, new hardware and software, internet, cloud computing to help reduce cost and deliver profit-driving capabilities faster than ever before. Businesses and communities understand that technology investments is a must. Any new technology product and services should reach every world’s citizen as soon as it gets out. Techopro is raedy to help.

Industrial projects
Tecotra specializes in promoting cutting age industrial products by helping your enterprises in:

  • Promoting products 

  • After sale services

  • Technical support

Technology project Management
Techopro has expertise of working on various areas of technology projects such as: data and telecommunication infrastructures, data-centers infrastructures, database development, extensive application development and data security projects.  Techopro projects contracts include project planning, designs, and implementation.


Global technology
Technology companies are focusing more than ever on the bottom line: Success is in emerging economies. Market share growth and Innovation are where companies are drawing the battle lines to boost profitability. To win the battle each company must be able to compete on any global market. Winning here requires any company to take a hard look at efficient technology, excellent project management, and high level promotion of products and services.

Internet access projects
“As all people share the world challenges, they must share responsibility and use similar tools to meeting the expectation”
Techopro believes that the Internet is quickly transforming the world’s social, political and economic lives. We further believe that the influence and importance of the Internet is the most important cultural influence of the near future. Techopro Internet Projects are designed to help businesses, communities and individuals to use Internet for product and service promotion.

Cloud computing
Techopro is looking to break into the enterprise market, specifically targeting companies that are developing web, cloud, mobile, big data and customer-facing applications that need to be continually tested and modified. People must move from home PC concepts to cloud related capability. Techopro has a plan to use and partner with major cloud computing companies in order to achieve its goals, especially for businesses and government entities.

Cloud Services give you the power to collaborate using the Internet and intranet in the office for business more efficiency. Cloud computing solutions allow employees to share, edit, and publish documents in a unified system, improve communication increase marketing abilities or product and services.
Unified communication with cloud computing coupled with free or low cost internet will revolutionize services like social media, file sharing and mobile computing for students, faculty, children and parents.

Internet of things
Techopro helps offering advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine. Our services cover a variety of domains, applications and protocols:

  • Consulting in interconnection of the embedded devices for business automation, enabling advanced applications such as smart grids, intelligent health devices, intelligent mobile devices and high technology commodities.

  • Techopro can also offer consulting in a wide variety of devices such as devices that use remote monitoring, modern telecommunication devices and applications, automobiles sensors, drone technology, and field operation devices.

Internet of everything (IoT)
Techopro will help companies to build the internet of things infrastructure:

  • Consulting in providing network functionality, device configuration, management, data capture, and data analysis.

  • Consulting in providing increased security for network gateway devices.

  • Make available API tools that provide services to make it easier to build and manage IoT solutions.

IT Outsourcing
The old way of IT outsourcing — “focusing on cost” is giving way to new creative opportunities to drive value from the global market. Techopro helps its customers to have the strategy to capitalize on world opportunities, preparing to enter the market or renegotiate existing contracts, reduced the complexity of multisource environment and rationalized project approach.

Techopro analyses and understands the key issues businesses are facing and help them to:

  • Adjusting their plans to reflect planning for growth within current world’s economic conditions and cultures,

  • Managing complex multisource ecosystems,

  • Achieving and maintaining the right balance between cost and service delivery.

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