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Internet Consulting

Internet access

“As all people share the world challenges, they must share responsibility and use similar tools to meet the expectation.”
Techopro believe that the Internet is quickly transforming the world’s social, political and economic lives. We further believe that the influence and importance of the Internet is the most important cultural influence of the near future. Techopro Internet Projects are designed to help businesses to use Internet for product and service promotion.

Internet of things
Techopro helps offering advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine. Our services cover a variety of domains, applications and protocols:

  • Consulting in interconnection of the embedded devices for business automation, enabling advanced applications such as smart grids, intelligent health devices, intelligent mobile devices and high technology commodities.

  • Techopro can also offer consulting in a wide variety of devices such as devices that use remote monitoring, modern telecommunication devices and applications, automobiles devices, drone technology, and field operation devices.


Internet of everything (IoT )
will help companies to build the internet of things infrastructure:

  • Consulting in providing network functionality, device configuration, management, data capture, and data analysis.

  • Consulting in providing increased security for network gateway devices.

  • Make available API tools that provide services to make it easier to build and manage IoT solutions.

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