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About Techopro


Techopro International is a young and dynamic international company aimed at promoting global Technology, Projects, and IT Business Consulting.

Techopro International unites technology engineers, application developers, project managers, business administrators, to work for its clients in various countries of the world. We collaborate across disciplines and industries to bring modern Technology, business consulting, project managements, resource management and infrastructure projects to life.

Techopro's global knowledge, strength, and business relationships, coupled with our world-class skills and expertise, allow Techopro work anywhere and meet clients’ needs in more creative and personalized ways. Techopro is commitment to the people, businesses and communities it serves, allows unique ability to connect to projects on a professional level and advance the quality of life across the globe.

Techopro helps businesses, organizations and individuals in obtaining alternate solutions for products and services that are completely unavailable through regular distribution or manufacturers.

We pride ourselves of being integrity and efficiency driven. Techopro is very proud to be a bridge between technology producers and consumers. Enhances technology exchange between industrial countries and developing countries.

Our Mission

To provide efficient and modern technology to world consumers regardless of the geographical location. Provide easy tools to deal with products and services distribution, project management,  procurement and global technology trades. Help remote area and poor communities to acquire needed technology to improve business for the buyers, vendors, producers and individual families.

Company Profile

Techopro is an international company created in the USA. It works with partners in various parts of the World. Its main activities consist at promoting all kind of technology products and services, project management, and trades.

To better serve its worldwide customers, Techopro decided to have three areas of concentration:

  • Technology: Internet expansion, telecommunications, network infrastructure, cloud computing, technology enabler projects and Information Technology projects.

  • Project Management : Local and International project and program management

  • Consulting: International Technology exchange, coordinate products sales and services and resource management.


“We are the people for the business the world we need”

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