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Network Projects


These days, the transport of data and voice via local and wide area network deals with high intense and crowded data. Current human activities requires that data moves with more speed than ever before. The fiber optics cable is needed for single business and country. Techopro is ready to work with satellite companies for telecommunications and Internet distribution. 

Techopro plan to work with countries and networking companies to plan, install and implement high volume and distance of fiber optic between building, regions, zones, district and countries. Techopro uses its experienced civil and network engineers to install the appropriate infrastructure.

Techopro helps countries in third world for project initiation, project plan and project proposal. It helps to identify the investors and let them work with businesses, companies or local government to find funds for technology projects.

Techopro installs main network with fiber type:

  • Single-mode optical fiber

  • Multi-mode optical fiber

  • Special-purpose fiber (polarization-maintaining optical fiber and Photonic-crystal fiber)

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